Training Courses for Family & Friends

Lámh Courses are usually organised locally by the family's service provider

An assessment will help to decide if a person needs or can benefit from Lámh. This is often carried out by a Speech & Language Therapist. It may be that another communication support would be more useful. There are many types of communication supports available, and different supports will suit different individuals.

Lámh training courses for family and friends are given by Lámh Tutors who are speech and language therapists, home teachers and other staff members who work in services. There Lámh tutors run Lámh training as part of their regular role.

Training for Family & Friends

This is a workshop for families of babies and young children who may go on to use Lámh signs, or for families who might be using a small of signs for now. Ask your Speech & Language Therapist, service provider or parents' group about organising a Little Lámh workshop for families. If there isn't a Lámh Tutor there, services or groups can contract in a Tutor to run a Little Lámh workshop. Email to organise a contract workshop.
The Family Lámh Course is for parents, siblings, grandparents and others close to the family. The Course gives families the skills to support their child's sign use alongside Lámh sign training. Families say they enjoy the opportunity to share experiences with other families.
Families who have been to the Lámh Family Course may be interested in the Part Two Family Course, to learn more signs, or get sign practice with a Lámh Tutor, or to talk about their Lámh use with other families.