Lámh Tutor Training Programme

Course Overview: 

This is an intensive training programme for professionals whose work largely involves supporting Lámh users and their families in a service setting, and who plan to deliver Lámh Courses to staff members and families.

Qualifications Required: 
  • Have completed Modules One and 'Using Lámh in a Total Communication Approach' (QQI Level 5) (or formerly Module Two/Five Day Lámh);
  • Must have completed QQI Level 5 ULTCA (formerly Module Two/Five Day Lámh) more than one year prior to attending the Tutor Course (an exception of this duration applies to Speech & Language Therapists only at this time, please contact the Lámh Development Office to discuss);
  • Be using Lámh regularly in your work, supporting a number of Lámh users, and have experience of Lámh use in a variety of settings for 2 years or more;
  • Have an NFQ Level 7 qualification or higher in the following areas: Speech and language therapy, nursing, social care/sciences; psychology, special education, occupational therapy, early childhood studies or related areas of study, which must include modules on child development/psychology/disability studies;
  • Demonstrate experience of delivering information and training to others;
  • Identify the setting where you will be running Lámh training;
  • Have achieved a Merit or higher in both modules if you have completed QQI Level 5 'Using Lámh in a Total Communication Approach' (ULTCA).
Course Duration: 
4-5 contact training days, a combination of face-to-face and online, followed by practical delivery of a Lámh Course
Course Content: 
  1. How to use the materials provided to deliver Lámh Family training (3 course types).
  2. How to use the materials provided to deliver staff training: Module One and Add-On Workshops, and QQI Level 5 ‘Using Lámh in a Total Communication Approach’.
  3. Effective training skills.
  4. Running a Lámh Signing group.
  5. Individual sign training task.
  6. Team assignment.

Participants from the last Lámh Tutor Training programme said:

"Looking forward to implementing what I have learned and continuing to support a Total Communication Environment where I work, with some fresh ideas on how to do that!"

"I particularly liked the inclusion of a variety of speakers and the opportunity to discuss issues relating to working with adults as I work with children."

"The support from the Lamh office is excellent and a really important part of being a Lamh Tutor"

"Delivered my first Lamh course this week and felt the training I had received really helped".

"Guest presenters were excellent...It made it clear how good it would be to include a Lamh user or parent in a course."

Learning Outcomes: 

On completion, participants are accredited to deliver the Little Lámh Workshop, Lámh Family Course and Part Two to families of Lámh users, the Module One Lámh Course with Add-on Workshops and the QQI Level 5 accredited Course ‘Using Lámh in a Total Communication Approach’ to staff members.

Accreditation Achieved: 

Lámh Tutor Accreditation and Registration

Additional Requirements: 

In preparation for applying to the course, interested parties are asked to identify the setting where they will run their first Lámh course.

To achieve accreditation, participants must

  1. Attend all four contact training days;
  2. Organise and deliver a Lámh Course within one year of training, with at least one session observed and signed off by an accredited Lámh Tutor;
  3. Prepare and deliver a sign group activity during the second block of the course;
  4. Work as part of a team to prepare and deliver a short presentation during the second block of the course.