Signing with Lámh

Want to learn some basic Little Lámh Signs? Why not head over to Lámh Signs and for a nominal €2.00, learn a number of basic Little Lámh signs online?

When Dublin GAA player Dean Rock is not on the football field, he's improving his Lámh signing communication skills at work! Dean is Fundraising & Communications Manager at Stewarts Care Ltd. that provides services to people with an intellectual disability. Many thanks to Dean for giving his time generously to make this video and to demonstrate Lámh signs for the new Sports Posters. Read on to find out all the ways you can learn about Lámh Signs

Using Lámh

Lámh signs can help children and adults to communicate. Lámh signs can help children and adults with communication difficulties. 

Mother and Toddler - Making Eye Contact

Lámh Encourages Eye Contact

Using Lámh encourages eye contact and attention to movement. These are skills that are important for speech development.

Developing vocbulary - the benefit of signing for children and adults

Develops Vocabulary

Using sign assists people to develop vocabulary and language skills. They have a means to try out and practice how language works.

Taking part in a conversation - the benefit of signing for children and adults

Helps Self-Expression

Many children and adults with communication needs can understand much more than they can express verbally. Signing can provide a means of taking part in conversation.

The Benefits of Using Lámh - Trying out new words

Motivates to Try Out New Words

If their speech is unclear or limited, the Lámh user may be more easily understood when they use signs. When you are understood you are delighted to realise you have been successful and are more likely to keep on trying - to try new words and say more!

The Benefits of Using Lámh - Child Chasing Bubbles

Promotes Attention to Movements

Using gestures and making signs comes earlier for many children than saying the corresponding word. For many people using Lámh, it is easier to recognise and make gestures with their hands that it is for them to make speech sounds at first.

Communication with family reduces frustration

Reduces Frustration

Lámh users may be more easily understood when they use signs with speech. When a person uses sign, the listener can have a better chance of understanding the message. Frustration is reduced when people are provided with a way of communicating.

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Why not use Lámh in your community?

Using Lámh in the Classroom

When school staff and other pupils become familiar with Lámh signs and use some signs themselves, the child who is using Lámh will have the opportunity to participate in school life from the start.

Lámh in your Community

"Lámh Clon" is a short film promoting the town of Clonakilty, Co. Cork. The film features 26 people supported by Cope Foundation in Clonakilty, and demonstrates various places of interest in the town.

Music Projects

The more people that know about Lámh signs the better! An inclusive choir or a sports club learning Lámh? Lámh is happy to support all those interested in developing projects using Lámh.