Family Lámh Course

Course Overview: 

The Family Lámh Course can be attended by parents, siblings, grandparents and others close to the family.

The Family Lámh Course gives families the skills to support their child's sign use alongside Lámh sign training. Families say they enjoy the opportunity to share experiences with other families.

Qualifications Required: 

No previous Lámh experience or qualifications necessary.

Course Duration: 
4 workshop sessions of around 2 and a half hours each. A follow-up session will be offered when the course is finished.
Course Content: 

The course covers 150+ signs and looks at ways to encourage sign use and how to support signing at home and with friends, family and others.

Course Materials: 

Family Sign Book, Family Handbook and family membership of Lámh Signs Online.

Course Given By: 
Lámh Tutors and Lámh Family Trainers, usually from the family's service provider