29 Sep 2022

TV Show Dizzy Deliveries with Lámh Signs on RTEJr on 19th October 2022!

This autumn sees the first ever TV series with Lámh signs!!

The launch date is Wednesday October 19th and the first episode will air on RTEJr at 9.50am, repeated at 12.10pm and 4.30pm each weekday.

It's called 'Dizzy Deliveries' and the series has 13 episodes with different themes - inlcuding a visit to the farm, the park, the zoo and so on.

Dizzy Deliveries will also be available to watch back on the RTE Player.

Dizzy Deliveries follows a slightly accident prone delivery guy called Joe who has magical powers, as he attempts to deliver parcels during an episode. Each episode focuses on particular signs as well as using signs throughout as the drama unfolds. Every child in the series uses or has used Lámh signs. Joe has a robot friend called Ozzy, who helps him and tries to keep him out of trouble, as well as a colleague 'Aisling' (played by Deirdre Coleman, Lámh Tutor, from Lámh Sign on Instagram!) who sets him his delivery tasks and teaches 3 Lámh signs each episode.

Macalla Teoranta, the TV & content production company (who made 'Home School Hub' for RTE during Lockdown) have collaborated very closely with Lámh to produce a great show.

Dizzy Deliveries launch date is also this year's Lámh Day - stay tuned to our social media for more on this!