7 Mar 2022

Lámh-a-Song Volumes 1 and 2 Downloads Available Now

Lámheen signs and sings 28 songs for children on Lámh-a-Song Volumes 1 & 2! Available as downloads HERE and HERE

Volume 2 is a follow up to the very popular Lámh-a-Song 1, and it features Lámheen singing and signing 15 songs for children. She is joined by Rebecca, Adam, Jenny and Anna who sign along on some songs!

DVDs are still available in our Shop, as well as the download option on Vimeo.

Song List includes Mr Sun, Ten green bottles, Pat a cake, Black socks, Sports song (written for Lámh-a-Song 2), Feelings song, Twinkle twinkle, Mary had a little lamb, 12345, Down by the bay, The animals went in 2 by 2, We wish you a Merry Christmas.