13 Apr 2016

Lámh for Life Photography Exhibition opens 18th April 2016 in Galway

Lámh for Life Photo Exhibition will open in the Eyre Square Centre, Galway at 11am on 18th April for 10 days.

On the 18th of April the Lámh for Life photograph exhibition returns to the Eyre Square Centre. Comprising of between 30-40 photographs, this exhibition strives to highlight the use of Lámh as a means to aid and augment communication. A collaboration between service users, staff and the speech and language therapy department, all part of the Ability West service, which provides services across the lifespan to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The photographs have been directed by service users who wish to promote and demonstrate the importance of an alternative or augmentative communication method such as Lámh in accessing the environment. Creating awareness about different communication methods that can break down barriers to facilitate inclusion can help to bring about positive changes in our society.

The last exhibition was held in 2014 and was greeted with great enthusiasm. Due to this success and demand from within Ability West the second exhibition will include some familiar faces and some new faces, in some familiar places. Come and show your support by visiting the Eyre Square Shopping Centre during the exhibition!

Item submitted by Jean Healy, Senior Speech & Language Therapist and Lámh Tutor, Ability West