15 Oct 2020

Celebrate Lámh Day at School!

Let's celebrate Lámh Day in Schools- Wednesday 21st October, 2020

The Schools Team here at Lámh have created lots of great activities that could be used to celebrate the first ever Lámh Day next week. Head on over to the Schools Page to get a free poster with lots of ideas for how you could celebrate Lámh Day in your School!

Caroline Nolan from the Schools Team has designed a Lámh Day poster with some great ideas of how Lámh Day can be celebrated at School. You can download this free poster HERE

Don't forget our Lou Lou and Larry Poster for colouring, you can download the colouring poster HERE and check out how to enter the draw to win a prize on our Instagram page @Lámhsign

You could also check out some free Lámh songs from our Lámh-a-Song 2 HERE

Happy Signing!