Project Guidelines

Lámh can be used for non-profit projects only. Make sure to contact the Lámh Development Office to inform them of your project.

Guidelines for Using Lámh Signs with Music Groups

School choirs and music groups have started to use Lámh signs with songs - these groups include pupils from special schools and mainstream schools. Groups for people with intellectual disability have linked with choirs in their community for Lámh music projects.

Please contact the Lámh Development Office to inform them of your project and please note that Lámh can be used for non-profit projects only.

Get support and Get the Lámh signs right!

It’s really important to remember that for some people Lámh is their main method of communication and therefore in order to do the best for them get the advice of a Lámh Tutor or someone who is fully trained in Lámh when planning your project. You’ll need to choose your songs and they will help you plan which signs to include. They can train the choir to use those signs while singing. Make sure everyone has the time to learn the songs and signs. The more key people who attend Lámh training, the better for everyone involved.

You will want the Lámh users there to see the correct Lámh signs being used, so it is important to have the support of a Tutor or Lámh trained person. There are 180 Lámh Tutors and Family Trainers in Ireland, over 2,000 fully trained in Lámh and over 8,000 who are trained in using 100 Lámh signs or more.

How do we link the signs with song words?

Use the Lámh-a-Song DVD as a model for how you might plan your songs with signs. The presenter, Lámheen, doesn’t use sign every word - Lámh is a key word sign system and only some words are signed. There are 500 Lámh signs, so some words of songs won’t have Lámh signs for them. Signing too many words in a song line really slows down the tempo.

How will we explain to others what Lámh is?

So that everyone involved - participants, families, audience, school - knows how important Lámh is to the children and adults that use Lámh to communicate, direct them to our website Perhaps a Lámh Tutor or Lámh Support Person can introduce Lámh are your rehearsals or performances.

Talk to us! Contact the Lámh Development Office

Contact Mary Cullen at the Lámh Development Office and tell us about your plans. Lámh signs are copyright to Lámh © and we need to make sure that Lámh signs are being used in the best way for Lámh users and that all the information being given out about Lámh is useful and correct.

Marketing, Print & Social Media

Once you have contacted and cleared your project with us, please put on your Facebook page, poster, flyer or advertisement ‘Music and songs include Lámh © signs (used with kind permission).’ We will also be happy to publicise and assist your project.

Guidelines for Secondary School Students Doing Projects About Lámh

Some secondary students have completed projects about Lámh. They have included projects about promoting Lámh use, linking with students who are Lámh users and using Lámh with music. An example of the project is the Live, Lámh, Live LOL project by the Social Innovator group at St Mary's Secondary School, Ballina, Co Mayo.

  • Find out about Lámh: You can look at our website or Facebook page, email us and read the What is Lámh? Leaflet.

  • Sharing is good: Contact us to tell us about your plan. This way, we can give you some more information and perhaps use your ideas to help others. You can also put up news about your project on our website.

  • Remember to include Lámh users in your project: Lámh is used by many children, teenagers and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs. They and their families, friends, teachers and SNAs are the experts in Lámh signing in your area, so be sure to link in with them.

Remember, this must be a not-for-profit project!

  • It is important that you notify Mary Cullen at the Lámh Development Office of your project - we look forward to hearing from you!