"The freedom to communicate enhances a person’s life experience."

Ideas for Supporting the Lámh User

  • Build sign use into activities - introducing signs while shopping, at work or during coffee break provides a rich source of vocabulary and opportunity.

  • Use some signs in the kitchen while cooking dinner, e.g. food, open, fridge, fork, knife, hot, etc. The person may be using some other forms of AAC, e.g. a communication book that could be used along with sign.

  • Introduce topics of conversation using books, TV, internet. Watch a video of Maura and Barry having a chat using Lámh Chat Using Lámh

  • The best way to use signs is to include them in day-to-day activities and routines - this is much better than than having specific ‘Lámh time’, which can lead to having signs only being used during this set time.

  • Use the Lámh-a-Song DVD or Lámh Time App to practice and introduce new signs in a fun way!

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