Research Guidelines

Lámh welcomes discussion on any topics or proposals.

Guidelines for third level students doing research on Lámh

  • Limitation of funding and scope has limited the amount of research that can be carried out, so all feedback is valued.

  • If the topic is around experiences or attitudes of Lámh users, their families or other communication partners, Lámh can provide initial discussion for support, background information on Lámh, up-to-date training information and figures, advice and links to relevant research on Lámh, manual sign, augmentative and alternative communication.

  • Digital/Technical Projects If the topic has a technical or practical basis, Lámh can provide the above items also. In addition for this type of project, Lámh acknowledges that equipment and technical expertise that would otherwise prove expensive (and therefore perhaps prohibitive), can be of great value and is therefore of interest to Lámh.
    Lámh signs and materials are copyright to Lámh - Communication Augmentation Sign System Ltd, and programmes have been developed and are delivered with particular practices and ethos in mind.
    Therefore the following must be taken into account: Projects proposing to use Lámh signs or materials must be submitted and an agreement will be put in place. Any products or outcomes using Lámh signs and materials will become the property of Lámh as will any further developments may come from the project or piece of work.

  • On completion of the project, Lámh asks for a copy of the project to be sent to the Lámh Development Office, and must be notified re: publication of the research, part of the research or any promotional material/information including online.