Assessment for Using Lámh

A detailed assessment will help to decide if a person needs or can benefit from Lámh. It may be that another communication support would be more useful. There are many types of communication supports available, and different supports will suit different individuals. Lámh might not be the communication system that is best for your child/brother/sister, and the assessment will help to determine this.

Many people need to be involved in the gathering information leading to such a decision, including parents, carers, early intervention team, speech and language therapist.

The assessment will look at

  • How the person is communicating now (words, sounds, gestures, etc.)
  • How easy or difficult they might find making the shapes of the signs with their hands
  • Concentration levels for learning, and so on.

In order to introduce use of Lámh, all communication partners require information, support and regular communication on progress. Lámh signs may be used with other types of communication and communication support such as speaking, gesture, pictures, symbols and/or other systems, as part of a total communication approach.

Initially, signs may be introduced by the speech therapist or team and used at home, in pre-school and school. Following this, a Lámh course may be useful for the family, SNA, carer or others. Formal training in Lámh has been developed for families and for staff. Lámh courses for staff and families are run by trained Lámh Tutors in organisations around Ireland.