16 Jan 2018

Seeking an Illustrator for New Lámh Signs

Could you create illustrations of Lámh signs that help children and adults to communicate?

We are seeking a talented and motivated illustrator to help us to share and teach some long awaited new Lámh signs.

Project Brief

Currently we are adding 80-100 newly developed Lámh signs to our existing vocabulary of 500 Lámh signs.
We are seeking an illustrator to create line drawings of the new signs, which were developed during Sept-November 2017. We are delighted to be at this point – we’ve been asked for Lámh signs for iPad and other vocabulary often so this development is long-awaited! The line drawings will be used in printed materials that are mainly provided as reference materials at Lámh training courses. The drawings will need to work harmoniously alongside existing Lámh illustrations, but we also hope to have elements of a 'fresh look' to these new illustrations also.


Lámh is the manual/key word sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland. Some children and adults use the Lámh manual sign system along with speech or other ways of communicating, and some use Lámh signs as their main way of communicating. Many Lámh signs are based on and adapted from Irish Sign Language.
There is currently a vocabulary of 500 Lámh signs.

This process will involve collaboration with the sign development working group.

*We are now seeking proposals for this task from qualified and experienced illustrators with a proven track record. The proposal should include a clear pricing structure, an outline of how the work will be completed and other details. *

**Closing date: ** 9th February 2018

For more information, please contact:

Mary Cullen, 059 9139657, info@lamh.org