10 May 2017

Lámh Users Starting School in September

Children who use Lámh attend mainstream and special schools.

There are lots of questions that families and schools will have coming up to September. When a Lámh user is starting at school:

  1. Parents and school can link up so that parents can tell key school staff about their child's Lámh use and what signs he/she is using (Remember, the child will have their own Lámh signing programme in place, so this individualised information is very important),
  2. Parents can show some key Lámh signs to e.g. the Teacher or SNA - not as an alternative to training in Lámh, but as a preparation for the child's first days at school,
  3. Schools should link with the Speech & Language Therapist for advice and support around the child's Lámh use,
  4. Parents can ask their service provider about Lámh support for this transition, e.g. the Part Two Family Course,
  5. Parents can access additional signs through Lámh Signs Online www.lamhsigns.org,
  6. Teachers and SNAs can ask the Speech & Language Therapist about Lámh training - in some areas it may be possible for the Speech & Language Therapist or service provider to facilitate Lámh training,
  7. Teachers can link with the Special Education Support Service (SESS) about Lámh training. The SESS is part of the Department of Education and they arrange their own Lámh courses each school year, which they advertise on www.sess.ie,
  8. The school can ask the local Education Centre about Lámh training for SNAs,
  9. Email the Lámh Development Office info@lamh.org for more information about Lámh training and options available, e.g. some Lámh Tutors offer places on Module One courses on the Lámh website, sign up to our Contact List to receive automatic updates,
  10. Take a look at the Lámh Online Shop for the Lámh-a-Song DVD and Lámh Apps (and Lámh Sign Posters coming soon),

You can also check out our Schools page