1 Nov 2017

10 Years of Lámh Module One

Module One is the most frequently delivered Lámh Course. Since its launch in 2007, over 10,000 participants have attended the Module One Course. For many staff members supporting Lámh users, this is the key formal Lámh training they will attend during their working life.

In 2016-‘17, a review of the Course was carried out. The aim of the review was to analyse feedback from the perspective of course participants and Lámh Tutors who deliver it, to identify strengths and weaknesses of this key Lámh training and to make recommendations for updates to content and associated resources.

Methodology: A review of standard Lámh participant feedback forms was completed for both quantitative and qualitative data. A small number of non-standard feedback forms were reviewed for further qualitative data. A review of targeted questionnaires from Lámh Tutors was completed and interviews were carried out with a small group ofTutors. There was a further review of occupations of participants, trends in attendance and funding of training.

Results: Overall, the Course is well received. Feedback is generally positive from those attending and delivering the training. Lámh Signing sessions are the most frequently noted preferred element of the course.

  • 73% of particpants rated the course as Excellent, 25% rated it as Very Good.

  • 90% of participants said the course matched their expectations.

Discussion: A review of the Course is timely. Responses highlighted the need for further promotion and support around the more recently developed Lámh resources, e.g. Lámh Signs Online, and additional updates and resources are sought. Updates to the Course could involve piloting and testing phases. Updates to some Course content, resources (including film clips of Lámh in use) and vocabulary would be welcomed. Some Tutors have adapted presentations over time. Occupations of participants has not varied hugely from year to year.

Some key learning outcomes of Module One are that following the course, participants can communicate effectively with Lámh sign users, and participants can contribute to assessment or decision-making around Lámh use.

Other Notes:

  • 76% of Lámh Tutors have delivered Module One Courses.
  • 96% of contracted Lámh courses are Module One Courses.
  • Each year, the Special Education Support Service (SESS) contracts Lámh Tutors to deliver Module One and Module One Add-on Workshops for teachers. The number of courses organised by the SESS has grown year-on-year. In the 2017-’18 school year, 21 SESS courses are scheduled.
  • There are 200 Lámh Tutors and Lámh Family Trainers currently registered with Lámh.
  • In 2012, the first Module One Add-on Workshop was launched, for Communication Partners of Adults, followed by the Workshop for Communication Partners of Children.

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