1 Jan 2010

Lámh in St. Patrick's School Enniscorthy

We are celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year. We have been promoting and using Lámh throughout the school for many years and recently Lámh Module One was organised in school and has been completed by the staff which brings us up to date.

Lámh is used to help communication between those students who have difficulties with speaking as well as for those people who are non-verbal. Confidence is gained and speaking skills improve too when you speak and sign at the same time.

A new Lámh sign is introduced every week, and this is announced over the intercom on Mondays as a reminder to use that particular sign as much as possible during the week. We also have made up a short list of signs for the bus drivers and escorts such as 'Hello'. The Boardmaker symbols are used in conjunction with Lámh signs particularly when doing special topics such as Spring, Birthdays or Action Words.

Last Christmas all the classes who participated in the school concert used Lámh signs while singing their songs and carols. One of the classes had a Christmas quiz and used signs to give clues about the answers. It was a great success!

There is huge enthusiasm shown by staff and students throughout the school for Lámh. Well done to all!