3 Mar 2011

Lámh Day in St. John of Gods Menni

Tara says 'We have been working very hard at creating a signing environment within Menni Services for a number of years. Through our Total Communication committee a decision was made to take the step of extending the use of sign into the community and a perfect way to do this was through Lámh Day. Lámh Day is not just about using Lámh, but showing the community there are many different ways to communicate. Lámh day is also about bringing together all those individuals that use Lámh from St John of God centres across Dublin and giving them the opportunity to communicate with other people that use Lámh, so extending their communication environment.

Lots of people from different areas in Dublin were involved in the day. We started with a Lámh Choir performed by St John of God School and a morning prayer with the chaplaincy and friends. We went to the Hilton Hotel in Kilmainham where we enjoyed coffee and tea.

Later our Lámh bands from both Carmona Services and Menni Services St John of God gathered at the Ballyfermot Civic Centre for “The Battle of the Hands” singing and signing competition. Councillor Vincent Jackson and Mary Cullen were there to judge at the event. Everyone was brilliant and they all deserved an award but three bands were given prizes: 3rd place to Abba Hands signing “Thank you for the Music”, in 2nd place were Caught red Handed with “When you say nothing at all” and in 1st place The Lámhettes gave a fantastic performance with their performance “Big Girl’s Don’t cry” and they all got fantastic prizes too from the Aviva Stadium, Croke Park Stadium, Blanchardstown Cineworld and The Dublin Wheel. We also had a fantastic support from local businesses Declan Corrigan Photography.

Finally we ended the day with the Sibling Lámh Group in Tallaght. Here brothers and sisters of young children in child and family services could come to learn Lámh and have fun at the same time.'