Using Lámh

Lámh is the manual sign system used by children and adults with intellectual disability and communication needs in Ireland.

Lámh was developed in order to have a standardised, Irish-based manual sign system for those with intellectual disabilities and communication needs. Lámh is the accepted sign system for people with an intellectual disability in Ireland - endorsed by Down Syndrome Ireland and the Irish Association of Speech & Language Therapists.

With Lámh, speech is always used with signs and only key words in a sentence are signed. Lámh has 500 signs.

Why Use Lámh?

  • If their speech is unclear or limited, the Lámh user may be more easily understood when they use signs.  This encourages many to try new words and say more. Lámh users may be more easily understood when they use signs with speech. Use of Lámh signs may reduce frustration.

  • The person can see as well as hear what is being communicated.

  • Signing naturally encourages people to slow down a little so there is more time to work out the message.

  • Successful communication is very rewarding, and encourages further attempts to communicate.

  • It encourages eye contact and attention to movement; skills that are important for speech development. 

  • Research shows that the appropriate use of systems such as Lámh, can improve a person's communication skills and may support the development of speech.

* Read in greater detail the benefits of using Lámh

List of 500 Lámh Signs

Aeroplane Afternoon Again All gone Ambulance And Angry Animal Apple Apron Ask, to Aunt Autumn Baby Bad Bag Ball Banana Bank Bath, to Be careful Beans Beard Bed Beer Begin, to Behind Beside Between Bicycle Big Bird Birthday Biscuit Black Blanket Blind Blue Boat Body parts Book Boots Boss Bottle Bowl/Dish Box Boy Bra Bread Break, to Breakfast Bricks Brother Brown Brush hair, to Brush teeth, to Bubbles Bucket Buggy/Pram Build, to Bus Bus conductor Butter Button Buy, to Café Cake Canteen Car Carry, to Cat Catch, to CD Cereal Chair Cheese Chicken Chicken nuggets Children Chips Chocolate Christmas Church/Place of worship Cinema Clay/Play doh Clean Climb, to Clock Close, to Clothes Club Coat Coffee Coke Cold Colour Come, to Computer Confused Cook, to Cooker Count, to Cousin Cow Crayon Crisps Cry, to Cup Cupboard Curry Cut, to Dance/Disco Danger Day Deaf Dessert Die/Dead, to Different Dig, to Dinner Dirty Discman/Personal stereo Doctor Dog Doll Door Down Draw, to Dress Drink, to Drive, to Driver Dry Duck DVD Early Easter Easy Eat, to Egg Eight Elephant Embarrassed/Shy Empty Excited Excuse me Fall, to Family Farm Father Fight, to Film Find, to Finish, to Fire Fish Five Flower Food Football Fork Four Friday Fridge Friend Frog Front Fruit Full Game Garda Garden Gentle Get, to Girl Give, to Glass Glasses Glove Go, to Goat God Good Goodbye Grandfather Grandmother Grass Green Group/Class Grow, to Hall Halloween Hamburger Happy Hard/Difficult Hat Have, to He Hearing aid Hello/How are you Help, to Here Hide, to Holiday Home Hoover Horse Hospital Hostel Hot House How many How much Hug, to Hungry Hurt, to I/Me Ice cream Icepop In Injection Jam Jigsaw Juice Jump, to Jumper Kettle Key Kick, to Kiss, to Kitchen Knife Knock, to Lady Late Later Left Lemonade Letter/Card Library Lid/Top Lie down, to Light Like, to Lion Listen, to Live, to Long time ago Look, to Lorry/Truck Lose, to Love, to Lunch Machine Make, to Man Marriage Meat Medicine Milk Milkshake Mine Mirror Mistake Monday Money Monkey More Morning Mother Motorbike Mouse Music Name Nappy New Newspaper Next Nice Night Nine No Noodles Now Nurse Off Old On One Onion Open, to Orange Out Over P.E. Pain/Sore Paint, to Pants Paper Park Party Pasta Pear Peas Pen Pencil Period Personal Names Photograph Pick up, to Picture Pig Pizza Plate Play, to Please Post Office Pot Potato Potty Pour, to Pregnant Present Pub Pull, to Purse Push, to Put, to Quick Quiet Rabbit Radio Rain Razor Read, to Red Religious person Remember, to Rice Right Road Roll, to Room Rubbish Run, to Runners Sad Safe Salad Salt Same Sand Sandwich Sanitary towel Santa Claus Saturday Sauce Sausage Scared/Afraid School Scissors Sea See, to Seven Sex Shampoo Shave, to She Sheep Shelf Shirt Shoe Shop Shopkeeper Show, to Shower Sick Silly Sing, to Sink Sister Sit, to Six Skirt Sky Sleep, to Slide Slow Small Snake Snow Soap Sock Some Soother Sorry Soup Spade Speak, to Spider Sponge/Cloth Spoon Spring Stairs Stick, to Stop, to Story Sugar Summer Sun Sunday Sweep, to Sweet Swim, to Swimming pool Swing Table Tablet Tampon Tap Tape Recorder Taxi Tea Teacher Teddy Telephone Television Ten Thank you There They Thirsty Three Throw, to Thursday Tiger Tights Time Tired Tissue Toast Today Togs Toilet Tomato Tomorrow Toothpaste Towel Town Toy Tracksuit Tractor Traffic light Train Tree Trousers T-shirt Tuesday Two Uncle Under Understand, to Uniform Up/Stand up, to Vegetable Vest Video Wages Wait, to Walk, to Walker Want, to Wash, to Water We/Us Wednesday Week Welcome Wet What Wheelchair When Where White Who Why Win, to Window Winter With Work, to Write, to Yellow Yes Yesterday Yoghurt You Yours Zip Zoo