Contract Training

The Lámh Contract Training System has been introduced in order to support groups and services in accessing Lámh training.

When a group decides to access Lámh training through the Contract Training system, Lámh will:

  1. Gives advice around the Lámh training course best suited to the group;

  2. Provides practical information about organising a Lámh Course;

  3. Matches the group to a Lámh Tutor specifically suited to their needs.

Courses available:

  • Module One Lámh Course for staff (6.5 hours)

  • Module One Add on Workshops for Communication Partners of Children/Adults (half day)

  • Lámh Family Course (5 sessions)

  • Little Lámh Workshop

  • Part Two Lámh Family Course

Services or groups may also be seeking a QQI Level 5 Using Lámh in a Total Communication Approach course.

Lámh recommends having a group of participants from a variety professions if possible, in order to maximize the learning experience on each course.

As an important part of the course is sign training, there can be no more than 12 participants per Lámh Tutor on each course.

Lámh has set a fee for each course. Please see the Host Agreement for costs.

When the host group have decided which course they are seeking, they will:

1. Contact the Lámh Development Office to request a Tutor ** 2. The Lámh Development Office will locate a Tutor for the host group** ** 3. The Tutor will contact the host group.**

Contact Mary Cullen, Lámh Project Manager at 059 9139657 or to discuss your training needs and to organise a Lámh Contract Course.

View the Hosting Agreement for Groups and Services Accessing the Lámh Contract Training System.