1 Feb 2018

Showing Signs: How Lámh sign users, peers and families are involved in awareness raising, training and research

A poster presented at the IALP World Congress in 2016, and presentation by Maura Bolger and Claire Power at Lámh Research Seminar 2017

Stakeholders Involvement in Awareness Raising, Training and Research: Increasingly Lámh users, peers, families of Lámh users and other stakeholders have become more involved in the promotion of Lámh and Lámh training. Links with the Lámh organisation and input about Lámh and Lámh use has been growing over the past number of years.

Lámh-led Engagement with Awareness Raising, Training and Research: Although Lámh as an organisation has endeavoured to involve users, families and other stakeholders in providing feedback and engaging with Lámh and Lámh developments, this had previously been channelled largely through services and umbrella groups such as Down Syndrome Ireland, along with focus groups as well as individual surveys.

Grass-roots Movement: However alongside these planned and more formal processes, a ‘grass-roots’ movement of Lámh users, peers, families and others' involvement with promoting and using Lámh was developing in its own way.
This presentation shows how Lámh users, peers, families of Lámh users and other stakeholders who are experts by experience have been involved in promoting information and awareness of Lámh and alternative communication, including work in the community, by delivering training, on national TV and by contributing to signing resources and training materials.

Lámh Research Seminar