14 Dec 2018

Retention of signs following a one‐day key word sign training

This study was to determine whether communication partners of children and adults with developmental disabilities can learn and retain a basic Key Word Signing (KWS) vocabulary.   Communication partners attended a one‐day training workshop where they were taught 100 signs. Measures of sign recognition and production were taken prior to the training, immediately after the training on the day and at 6 and 12 weeks later.   Participants were able to learn signs during the workshop and demonstrate receptive and expressive knowledge of KWS. However, sign knowledge decreased after 6 and 12 weeks. Participants noted that having to be tested again after several weeks, motivated them to practise and served as a follow‐up. This paper provides evidence that KWS training enables participants to learn and retain signs, but that there is a need for ongoing training and support even for communication partners who use sign regularly.  

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British Journal of Learning Disabilities