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27 Jan 2022

Organise a Lámh Course or a Presentation for your Group

Some groups, colleges and services who don't have a Lámh Tutor might want to find a Tutor to deliver a Lámh Course or maybe to give a talk about Lámh to a group of students or volunteers. The Lámh Office can put you in touch with a Lámh Tutor in your area or to deliver a course or workshop online for you. Cick HERE where information on costings and courses can be downloaded.

Contact the Lámh Office, so that we can:

  1. Help you to choose the Lámh training course best suited to the group;

  2. Match you to an experienced Lámh Tutor in your area OR a Tutor who can deliver the course online for you.

Groups can Contract a Tutor to run Module One Courses, Little Lámh Courses, an information session for e.g. Students or volunteers, or other training.

Contact Lámh at 059 9139657 or email for more details, and to discuss your training needs and to organise a Lámh Contract Course.