14 Jun 2018

Lámh-a-Song 2 - Invitation to Tender

We want to find a company who will produce a wonderfully engaging resource with colourful and lively content that will be entertaining and educational for young Lámh users!

The project brief is to produce a resource for children that features Lámh signing with songs. This resource will be a follow up to the popular Lámh-a-Song DVD.
As with the existing Lámh-a-Song DVD, the resource will feature live presenters and illustrated/animated backgrounds. The resource will be used by children who use Lámh signs to communicate, by families and by professionals at home, in pre-schools, schools and other settings.

In 2009, Lámh (along with Down Syndrome Ireland) produced the Lámh-a-Song DVD which includes nursery rhymes and songs for young children who use Lámh. Since its launch, it has remained a firm favourite with Lámh users, families, schools, pre-schools and others. We are often asked about another Lámh-a-Song, so we are now going ahead with the production of Lámh-a-Song 2.

‘Lámh-a-Song 2’ (working title) will be used by young children and school-age Lámh users, families and professionals at home and in education and therapeutic settings. It will be used for play and learning by Lámh users, their families, and staff and professionals who are supporting the child.
This resource will support signing in context which is of high importance to those children and adults who rely on the regularity and consistency of Lámh sign use from communication partners to support and facilitate their communication.

TO RECIEVE THE TOR DOCUMENT, EMAIL Mary Cullen, Lámh Manager info@lamh.org