16 Jan 2018

The Key to Signing – factors impacting the use of Lámh in a disability organisation

A practical research project supported by funding from the Lámh Research & Development Sub-committee.

Senior Speech & Language Therapists involved in delivering training in the Lámh manual sign system observing the differences between training carried out and use of Lámh sign 'on the ground'.

The research involved looking at who is using Lámh, what training and supports they have in place, attitudes, barriers and challenges.

Findings included the data that 58% of respondents have completed a Lámh certified course, and 90% of respondents provided positive feedback regarding their experience of Lámh training.

How often is Lámh being used by adult support staff who have attended training? 60% of staff who have trained and 40% of staff who have not trained use Lámh signs across all activities with adult Lámh users.

89% of staff members agreed or strongly agreed that adults could learn Lámh

Maybe every staff member in the organisation should learn the most useful Lámh signs. Even the staff in the retirement home - it is never too late.

Practical recommendations following on from the research included a workshop in Lámh for all staff members.

Lámh Research Seminar