1 Jan 1996

Enhancing communication skills of children with Down syndrome: Early use of manual signs.

Written a number of years ago, this article remains a useful and insightful exploration of the use of manual sign by children with Down syndrome and the benefits that can be derived, such as enhancing communication and supporting speech development by providing experiences of successful communication.

The article looks at the specific problems that children with Down syndrome may have with language acquisition, in developing speech, and that the reasons for these problems lie in difficulties of early interaction and auditory processing. The results of the study show that early intervention with manual signs and special attention to the active communicative role of the child had immediate and long-lasting effects. The results support researchers who consider early language intervention to be important for children with Down syndrome and that other children who are at risk of language delay. Those closest to the child play a central role.

Enhancing communication skills of children with Down Syndrome: Early Use of Manual Signs.