Training for the Workplace

Training for Professionals

Lámh training not only involves learning signs but the skills necessary to implement a signing programme. Lámh Courses use a problem solving approach.

Lámh Training Courses for Different Settings

Module One Lámh Course is for those working with children and adults who use Lámh to enhance their communication. It is suitable for teachers, SNAs, social care workers, PAs and preschool staff and others, who work in mainstream and special schools, preschools, adult support services and other settings. Sometimes families attend Module One Courses.

Families, staff members and other communication partners of adults who use Lámh can add to their core Module One training with this practical workshop.

Communication partners of children who use Lámh and who have completed Module One can attend this practical workshop that looks at encouraging Lámh use as well as adding to their Lámh sign vocabulary. It can be delivered online or in person.

Professionals who have completed QQI Level 5 ULTCA (or formerly Module Two) training can become accredited to deliver the Lámh Family course, Part Two Family Course and Little Lámh.

This is an intensive training programme for professionals whose work largely involves supporting Lámh users and their families in a service setting, and who plan to deliver Lámh Courses to staff members and families.

For those who use Lámh extensively in their work, involved in supporting Lámh users, their families; seeking comprehensive training in facilitating Lámh use using a total communication approach, and may progress to Lámh Tutor Training.

Lámh for the Workplace

Staff members usually attend training organised by their employer. The sharing of expertise builds foundations for collaboration on return to their workplace.

Training Announcements

Don't see a course for you? Ask your speech and language therapist, service or employer - not all courses are listed here.

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How to become a Lámh Tutor

There are now 220+ Lámh Tutors working in services around Ireland. Lámh Tutors are all speech and language therapists, teachers, nurses, social care workers, home teachers and other staff members. They deliver Lámh courses to families, staff members and others.